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  • Your Perfect Christmas Party Outfit
    It's never too early to find a perfect Christmas dress.But the only thing that should get you in the spotlight at the Christmas party is your outfit. However, if you have a limited budget, buying new clothes for a Christmas party may seem overwhelming. The cost of dress, shoes and accessories adds up quickly, and before you know it, you've spent a small fortune on your outfit. There are many ways to find beautiful clothes that you can wear through the holidays and beyond. If you want to attend s...

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  • The Little Black Dress: From Audrey Hepburn to Beyoncé
    It's Saturday night, it's time to party, and you realize that you have nothing suitable to wear. You already have hundreds of clothes in your wardrobe, but none of them work. Instead of panicking, turn to the Allrounder - the little black dress! Yes, it's a cliché, but is there a better way to be sexy in a jiffy? What exactly is "the little black DRESS"?The Oxford Dictionary defines the dress as a short or medium length black dress suitable for almost any occasion - and we agree! A little blac...

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  • 10 Habits That You Have To Give Up To Be Successful!
    Once in a while we sit try to figure out what to do. We reflect on our past actions and their outcomes, where we are right now and what we should do next. While these are logical steps, we neglect the fact that bringing more things into our lives also means that we will have less time for other things. After all, we only have limited time and energy during the day. In order to make room for what we want to do, we first have to give up our bad habits.Here are 10 things you need to give up to be s...

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  • 15 Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know
    There are many Fashion Tips buzzing around. Some are useful while others are not. With that in mind, we've picked the best fashion tips to OrGANIZE the Chaos once and for all.15 No matter what is on the label. Cashmere is best washed by hand. To dry it, use a salad spinner, which releases the excess water in a few seconds. 14 Wash the your new jeans twice before taking it to the tailor. Why? Jeans will always shrink in length from washing. 13 If you get an oil stain on your favorite handba...

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  • What Bra Should I Wear With A Backless Dress? 4 Tips
    Backless dresses usually cover enough of your front to look classic but they also show enough skin to look both SEDUCTIVE und sexy at the same time. Backless dresses are pretty good. But many women do not dare to adopt this style because they do not know how to wear the dress. But as sexy as the dress can do, most women still do NOT want to WAIVE on the bra. Without question: backless dresses are , if the back really remains free. Because without a bra, there are no impressions, no unaware glar...

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  • How Do I Take Care of My Bandage Dress? 20+ Tips
    How do I keep my bandage dress in shape?Whenever we invest in our wardrobe, we have the challenge to keep our new clothes in shape. High-quality bandage dresses consist of about 90% viscose. Viscose has the property to be adversely affected by excessive water. As a result, it is advisable to properly store and care for your dress. Here are some tips for you to wear your dress for years to come. To keep your dress in new condition, avoid hanging on a hanger. Because hanging on the hanger may ca...

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  • What Are High-Quality Bandage Dresses Made From
    High-quality bandage dresses need to stretch for the ultimate comfort, and be strong and hardwearing to prevent the dress from tearing when worn. So, what are the three components of a bandage dress that gives the dress exactly these criteria? Bandage dresses are usually composed of the fabrics Viscose, Nylon and Spandex. They are designed to fit like a second skin on your body and shape your body with its stretch and thickness. For most clothes, the material is woven into different layers tha...

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